Letter to the Editor: Why does city need another high paid employee?


Saturday, January 6, 2018

Another Telegram article informs readers that the city of Rocky Mount has hired another resume polisher. According to the limited information in the paper, this $120,000 annual salaried person has worked for a slew of cities, apparently not able or willing to hold a steady job until retirement. Only time will tell how long her tenure in our fair city will last before she secures a spot in greener pastures. When will this nonsense stop?

The $120,000 salary doesn’t include a car, expenses and obvious perks. In a city where hard working city employees earn an average of $30-49,000 dollars, we could eliminate half of the welfare state positions and give city employees a 25-30 percent raise. That would boost the city’s economy more that anything coming from these socialist programs that we have become addicted to. Maybe it’s time for some of the the worldwide populist movement to drop in to Rocky Mount for a visit. There is much that can be done in legitimate service for it’s residents, with the tax revenues being wasted on programs guaranteed to fail and monuments to civic vanity.

The list is endless ... a new or deepened current reservoir would protect us during seasonal droughts, placing more of our utilities underground would offer more protection from hurricanes and other disasters, divesting the city from the electricity selling business would make rates cheaper for residents and our industries more competitive, leaving the production and management of housing to the private sector would lessen the need for a budget laden with taxes, fees, etc., property tax relief for owner occupied homes under a certain value would preserve home ownership for the poorest among us and, attract retirees, with their disposable incomes, to the area.

The above suggestions represent only the tip of the iceberg. What missing is open dialogue with the city residents. Open dialogue would by-pass the usual management facilitated committees. Rocky Mount can continue it’s current methods and become as problem riddled as Charlotte, Greensboro, Durham and Raleigh. One thing these cities have in common is that they are under tax and spend democrat regimes. If it wasn’t for a smattering of high tech industries and massive state investment, their failings would be even more visible.

It is critical that city government be re-organized, that official corruption and crony capitalism be replaced with some old fashioned common sense and free market prion piles as soon as possible.


Rocky Mount