Letter to the Editor: Socialism by another name


Thursday, December 28, 2017

The United Nations, the post WWII replacement for the failed League of Nations, has always been the designated blueprint for world governance, hence globalism. Meant to be a united world under various forms of socialism managed by unelected elitists, it seemed to be well on its way to completion. Then, the unraveling began. The Brits saw what the EU was doing to their personal liberties and national sovereignty and pulled out (Brexit). Now, we see the Kurds, fresh from their victories over ISIS, renew their quest for an independent nation. Add to the movement for self-determination for Catalonia, recent conservative elections from Chile to Austria and, the New World Order crowd is starting to sweat.

Now is the time to get the U.S. out of the U.N. And, beginning with this major move to restore U.S. sovereignty, we should seriously consider dissolving other foreign entanglements that we were warned about by our first president in his farewell address. We are not calling for isolationism but simply a foreign policy of minding our own business. More, not less contact between the peoples of the world with less regional and world organizational ties and commitments of our people and resources. Let's use the word, USEXIT in all of our communications.

President Donald Trump has the U.S. on the right path, but we've a long way to go and such moves will be opposed by many politicians of both parties. This would be a good time to get your representative and senator "on the record" regarding their position. Then, ask your state legislators. Make your list, check it twice and look for more suitable candidates. When the U.S. becomes a truly independent nation, there will be sufficient funding for that "wall,” needed infrastructure and anything else.

A free nation could then begin dismantling the welfare state, re-enthroning work and the principle of self-reliance. Do your part today and your grandchildren can finish the job. Quit the corrupt political parties by registering as an independent voter (unaffiliated in N.C.). Keep your money under your control and base your spending on enlightened self-interest. That'll make them really squirm. More than 60 percent of our recent college graduates see nothing wrong with socialism. Stop sending them to be destroyed from the neck up by the leftist-controlled educational system. (Please no letters about the sister-in-law who is a dedicated teacher.) We are talking about the system.

Now, a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year to everyone.


Rocky Mount