Letter to the Editor: Best laid plans of mice and men can return in unexpected ways


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Members of the Republican majority-led Congress must surely know by now that there is much truth in the words, “the best laid plans of mice and men.” For weeks, they hatched up bills intended to rob millions of health care and pass the ill-gotten monetary funds onto the 1 percent and big corporations in the form of tax cuts.

For weeks, they rolled out lie after lie about the reason for and effect of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act. They, along with Donald Trump, tried every sabotage tactic imaginable to make the Affordable Care Act vanish, but the more they tried, the more it gained traction. I think it is fair to say that none of these tactics worked out as planned.

In truth, Republican lawmakers were more concerned about the backlash coming from their big donors due to their inability to deliver timely on their promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act and roll out favorable tax reforms than they were about providing affordable and quality health care for the needy and tax relief to low- and middle-income families. They saw their political future tied to the outcome of promises to satisfy the inner greed of their donors and their willingness to lie and deceive was boundless. Never before have politicians so blatantly included provisions in a bill that would further enrich selected members. They have no moral persuasion, no shame.

Having failed to repeal the Affordable care Act, Republican lawmakers pointed their arrows toward tax reform and it became Robin Hood in reverse all over again. They have come up with a tax reform package that will surely please the 1 percent and big corporations, but will do very little to improve the quality of life for the masses in an appreciable degree. In spite of the masterful, misleading and sweet sounding lies about how great this tax reform package will be, independent thinkers have not been suckered in. The inclusion of repealing the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate can be seen as a last ditch effort to the act yesterday’s news. The fact that millions could lose health care coverage because of this elimination appears to be of little concern to Republican lawmakers. The political arena at levels of government has become a vicious cycle. The people elect representatives they believe will best represent their interests and those representatives in return represent the interests of big money, donors and corporations instead of the people who elected them.

So nw the lies come full circle about all of the financial benefits that will be bestowed upon low- and middle-income households, the millions of jobs that will be created and how companies will be tripping all over themselves to return production to America. The lies are fast and furious about what a game changer this “trickle-down” economic policy is going to be. anyone with half of a brain knows the “trickle-down” trickles down to the pockets of the haves, not the have-nots. Donald Trump is now jumping for joy at getting a win at last, even though the final package is a far cry from what he promised his supporters. However, it should come as no surprise that he has deviated from his original promise and thrown his supporters under the bus because this is par for the course for him. Trump has made it a point to say that he will not benefit, but how do we really know that when he refuses to release his tax returns? From what is know about this financial holdings, we can rightly assume this is just another lie. The great Christmas present he contends this tax reform package will deliver to low- and middle-income families is more like a needle in a haystack compared to the Christmas present the 1 percent and big corporations will be receiving.

What happened to all of those Republicans who professed to be fiscal conservatives but willingly plunged the country deeper into debt with their vote for this reform package? Could it be that they are only concerned about the nation debt when Democrats are in the majority? Maybe they are banking on the Republican Party remaining in the majority and they can ram through their long desired plan to make cuts in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to offset the 1 percent’s and corporations’ permanent tax cuts. Make no mistake about it. These unscrupulous lawmakers are planning to sue every trick in the book to further their agenda.

It would be wise for those overjoyed politicians along with Donald Trump to remember that this is not the final act. The success of this tax reform package is yet to be determined and “the best laid plans of mice and men” can often confront us with the unexpected.


Rocky Mount