Letter to the Editor: Trying to control climate change is a futile task


Sunday, December 24, 2017

I seldom listen to Rush Limbaugh, but the other day I had to do some running around so I flipped the radio on to Mr. Limbaugh’s talk show.

As usual Mr. Limbaugh was on one of his rants. The rant was about climate change. Mr. Limbaugh started asking questions about what has climate change impacted today. His questions are valid because no one can point to anything that the climate change is impacting. Climate change won’t stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb nor will it stop North Korea’s quest to attain a nuclear bomb. Climate change is not going to stop the crops from growing in the fields today.

Mr. Limbaugh went on to say there was no climate change. That is where he and I disagree. There is climate change and it has been around since the earth was formed. The Creator of the Earth, the moon, the sun and the stars has used climate change to mold each into the form that it is today.

As I listened, I came to the conclusion what Mr. Limbaugh was really talking about is humankind’s impact on climate change. You can have all the studies that you wish, but you will never be able to prove that human activity on the Earth has any impact on climate change. Climate change is like the weather. Humankind has no control over the weather. All we can do as humans is talk about the weather, but in no way can we change it. The same is true with climate change.

What we can do as humankind is control and work on pollution. We need to eliminate the unnecessary gases that we discharge. But the debate will then be what are the unnecessary gases? We as humans need oxygen to live so that is a necessary gas. Plants need carbon dioxide to live and generate the oxygen that we humans need. So there right off are two very necessary gases that we need to function on the Earth.

After we figure out the necessary gases, then we have to figure the levels that we require of each. Figuring out the levels will be where the debate will be as it is today. Many indicate that they feel carbon dioxide is an unnecessary gas. If you go back to your third grade science classes, you would understand the necessity of carbon dioxide. Oxygen on the other hand appears to be universally accepted as a necessary gas.

From my viewpoint, we need to be spending our time and money on something we can control instead of wasting our time and money on something that we have no control over. Yes, maybe we need to study climate change, but trying to control it would be an effort in futility.


Rocky Mount