Letter to the Editor: Arguments for Atlantic Coast Pipeline are fraught with misinformation


Saturday, December 23, 2017

A recent Letter to Editor is rife with good intentions – but fraught with misinformation. The proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline will not foster any of the predictions made in the letter. Ms. Kitchin has merely repeated the campaign of misinformation that was obviously provided to her by the minions of the pipeline companies.

Since late May 2014, in order to protect my property rights, I have been forced to be immersed in facts about the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline. I am an impacted farmer (and a 66-year-old native of Nash County). The proposed fracked gas transmission pipeline would be placed in my fields, 275 feet from my home, and the average radius of these pipeline explosions is 650 feet. I wonder how many feet away from her home the proposed pipeline would be placed.

I have not seen Ms. Kitchin in attendance at any of the public meetings concerning the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline. She is entitled to express her opinions about the proposed pipeline, but she has an obligation to be factually correct. The proposed high pressure (1440 psi) fracked gas transmission pipeline is not better infrastructure for Nash County. It could be a dangerous, potential disaster waiting to happen. She stated that it would carry a "....supply of clean-burning natural gas." No fossil fuel is clean burning, and when you account for the leakage at the fracking well site, leakage from the pipeline, emissions from compressor stations and the point of combustion, fracked gas (95 percent methane) is more harmful than CO2 from coal.

Energy demand in the Southeast, both electric and fracked gas, is flat and not predicted to increase through 2035, and more than one unbiased, analytical study proves this. Statements in the previous letter are wrong – solar and wind energy generation are both renewable and produce zero emissions, and can meet the needs of our grid system now! They are also less expensive than fracked gas fired electric generation. The ACP companies do not want to acknowledge these facts, but they are true. New pipelines are failing at a higher rate than older pipelines, documented fact.


Nash County