Letter to the Editor: Racial issues continue to divide Rocky Mount


Thursday, December 7, 2017

It is obvious that Rocky Mount has been divided by railroad tracks. You have a Nash side and an Edgecombe County side.

It is obvious that many white folks moved out of the city limits of Rocky Mount moved west toward Raleigh, oh but just outside of Rocky Mount to Nash County. What one would call white flight, I believe. Well, why did they move? But don’t think that it is all whites who moved because many blacks have moved in that direction also. I don’t think anyone is mad with them.

My problem is these folks made some choices, but I think some of them have a problem with the choices of some of the folk who still live in the city. Some of these folks who live in the city want to see the city progress but those who have moved want to micromanage what those who still live in the city do. Those who have moved want things done when they want it done, how they want it done and where they want it done. Some complain about taxes. Well, everything comes with a price.

During the first Rocky Mount City Council Meeting of November in the Committee of the Whole Meeting, a presentation was made by the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission to further address the racial divide and future issues that may arise in the city. It is amazing that the naysayers who are against everything that the Rocky Mount City Council/Government does didn’t talk about that presentation in the local paper and on local TV simply because they don’t want to deal with racial issues. But there was no emphasis put on the presentation in the paper so therefore since these folks don’t attend the meetings, they don’t know all that really goes on unless I video them and share them on YouTube. I did, but again no discussion on it.

The Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission is putting together a group of folks who will receive some training to deal with racial issues. I think this is going to be a good thing. The HRC should be the leader in the city to host discussions on racial issues.

In my opinion, this has not been done over the years as a priority. It will be interesting to see how the naysayers will participate in the discussions about racial issues by just commenting on articles in the local paper or on the local TV along with some other social media sites. Many of these folks hide behind code names because they are not bold enough to stand on what they believe in publicly. So will these folks attend the HRC meetings? Absolutely not because they will not be able to hide behind code names and use codes to push their racial agendas.

Although the Confederate flag/monuments was a hot topic recently, that is not a new issue but just like other issues that are not dealt with, they continue to come and go.

I would say that although there are many racial issues in Rocky Mount, I strongly feel the Rocky Mount Council/Government is the main topic of the racial divide. It appears that some folks have serious issues with the council being a 4-3 black majority. These same folks have a problem with black folks being in top positions within the city. But what is wrong with that? Over the years, I have always heard go to school and be productive. These folks have met the criteria, so why they can’t do their jobs without unnecessary criticism being thrown at every move they make?

I strongly believe that the majority of the folks in Rocky Mount aren’t against the Rocky Mount City Council/Government but they just don’t comment for fear of the negative comments that they read after they do something to enhance the city.

Progress in the city should not be measured by the racial makeup of the Rocky Mount City Council/Government but by their works.