Letter to the Editor: People who unlawfully tear down statues should be punished


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

It sadness me that we have young people in this country that willfully destroy our history when they obviously do not understand anything about history. How many statues must the country lose before this activity is stopped?

Statues are erected because the people at that point in time want to honor the work that has been accomplished by an individual.

Our young people want to force their values on the whole country by stating these statues are all about slavery from the civil war era. Let us be realistic. The young people were not alive when the statues were commissioned. They do not understand why the people at that era had them built.

Thus, what gives this small ignorant, minority group the right to destroy our history for the rest of us? Yes there was slavery in those days. Yes by present standards slavery is wrong, but it was acceptable back in that time period. The civil war was not all about slavery. It was primarily about state’s rights.

Study your history books. The association of slavery to all Southern people is wrong. People who break the law by tearing down statues should be punished to the full extent of the law. I have never seen a statue erected to a critic, have you?


Nash County