Letter to the Editor: Dale Earnhardt Jr. has earned a sweet retirement


Saturday, December 2, 2017

The man they call “Junior” – Dale Earnhardt Jr. – is walking away from auto racing with his head held high.

And why shouldn’t he? 

He;s rich, terribly so. He’s been successful in his chosen career. He’s got a new wife.

Oh, and there’s a baby on the way for the newly married Earnhardts.

It’s a special life. Junior’s life is pretty doggone great.

Being the child of a famous person is not easy. Junior could have railed against the inevitable comparisons and criticisms. But he didn’t. He embraced his father’s legacy, yet still carved out his own path. 

As they say in racing, a famous pedigree will get you a start, but it won’t get you a career. You do that on your own.

Not everybody is suited to be a race car driver. Junior was tested years ago and it was determined that he had one necessary component that made for a racer. He could view more frames – i.e., images – in a given time than could most.It was that vision, that quick acuity, coupled with comprehension that served to make Dale Earnhardt Jr. an elite driver.

Not all possess that ability.

He took what he had been blessed with and honed it further. Junior put in the time. He made himself into a fine racer.

Does the Hall of Fame await Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

Perhaps. But all that’s down the road a piece, as they say.

For now, it’s just enjoying hte good life with Amy and family. Life’s pretty sweet.


Rocky Mount