Letter to the Editor: It’s time for a new ideology to replace rotten chauvinism


Friday, November 24, 2017

Recently, the media has been filled with stories of sexual misconduct ranging from men in highest elected offices to sports icons to ordinary college students. While the argument raged on about individual behavior, levels of appropriate social conduct and ethics, nobody seems to want to grapple with the root of the problem or even raise the correct questions.

Sexual misconduct and especially egregious sexual attacks on women ranging from gang rapes to beating up or murdering the prostitutes are nothing new in our society. So why is this behavior now getting more publicity and is less tolerable?

it is my contention that for eons, we have been living in a class society with a strong patriarchal ideology. Men are regarded as masters, controllers and also judge, jury and executors in this ideology, and women and children are the victims. Thus in a white supremacist society like ours, the white man is on top of the heap. The patriarchal ideology infects everyone, so even men folks of color, as a whole are also engaged in this negative behavior. Women and children, to a large extent become property of sorts, either to use/abuse at whim, or to “protect”, the actions of which are both sides of the same coin of women’s oppression. While excuses are made for men in highest political offices for their sexual misconduct, ordinary folks get judged harshly.

Patriarchal ideology is deeply embedded in our society so the male gender, from a very early age, are constantly being bombarded with the idea that they are better than the female. That it is acceptable behavior to view females as sex objects, inferior, and therefore OK to disrespect. The movies, TV shows, and other media promote, regale and excuse this type of behavior. No wonder our society is rife with such horrendous misconduct, now coming to light as both men and women gather more and more courage to speak up.

In my opinion, as capitalist economic foundation starts to crumble as it is doing now, the wealthy few scramble to hold on to their riches and attempt to continue to accumulate and “grow”. As global profits shrink from increasing resistance of oppressed peoples internationally, the corporations have returned home to squeeze us. The current unequal tax laws, to political disenfranchisement to removal of social safety networks for the needy, are the results.

As the economic base breaks up, it follows then that the social and moral fabric underlying the capitalist system is also tearing apart. There is hope for oppressed groups as what has been the accepted belief is getting exposed more and more as a hypocritical, chauvinistic and amoral tenet. Inequalities and unequal standards had been applied based on color (race), sexual preferences, gender, age and level of political power.

We cannot and should not tolerate this ideology and behavior anymore. If we are to build a future, positive society, a new ideology of substantive equality must replace this rotten chauvinistic, racist, and sexist credo.


Rocky Mount