Letter to the Editor: Give death penalty to all drug dealers


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The drug environment in the United States is not strictly limited to opioids. The drug epidemic in the United States includes drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and others that impact the individual in an adverse way.

The drug culture in the United States took a major leap in the 1960s during the “Hippie Era.” The drug environment has continually grown from then until now. We have gone from occasional use of illicit drugs to repeated use to an epidemic.

In our society today we have gone from an epidemic to a crisis in the use of illicit drugs. Many different approaches have been used but none have solved the problem. Through the different approaches the use has only increased creating more and more users with more dealers available to supply those illicit drugs.

From someone who has watched the expansion of drug use it appears that we have not yet been able to determine what the root cause for the expansion in illicit drug use! Before the Illicit drug use can be eradicated we must first determine the root cause.

From everything that I have seen, determining the root cause looks like it can be determined using a simple economic theory. In economics there is a demand and supply curve. If you increase the demand you increase the supply. If you decrease the demand you decrease the supply. We must identify what came first the demand or the supply.

Throughout the years drug dealers have done just about everything to increase demand. It appears from the drug dealers’ point of view that it is the demand that drives the supply. They will do whatever it takes to drive up demand by even giving away some of his illicit drugs to get individuals dependent on the drugs.

It appears that the best way to reduce illicit drug use is to reduce the number of users. The approaches being used since the 1960s is not working. Since the current and past approaches to solving the illicit drug use problem is not working we must take a new approach.

We know that rehab facilities that require confinement to the facility for 30, 60, 90, or 180 days are not solving the user problem. For those that complete a drug rehab program 70 percent will return to using drugs. The problem is that 70 to 80 percent of those who start a drug rehab program drop out of the program before completing the program.

If we are going to stop this brutal cycle of drug use we are going to have to confine the drug users for a period much longer than the longest program being used today! I would recommend a program of at least 24 months. The user must be in a facility that will re-educate them. The confinement facility must be far removed from those who have enabled them along the way on their journey into drug use. The user must be educated to the fact that they are responsible for their drug use. They are not victims of actions caused by someone else. They are victims of their own bad decisions. They must be educated to take responsibility for their own actions. Because it is their own decisions and actions that have gotten them to where they are today.

The death penalty must be returned to all states because if there is no other crime that deserves the death penalty the sale of and dealing in illicit drugs does. The drug dealer knows that illicit drugs can and does kill. The drug dealer should be treated like any other criminal that places a human life in harm’s way.


Rocky Mount