Letter to the Editor: Nurse-Family Partnership offers help to new moms


Sunday, October 15, 2017

It is critical for children to have a healthy start. Yet the first few years of a baby’s life are also some of the most confusing and scary times for a new mom, and it’s hard for her to navigate the sea of information and emotions and know what’s best for her baby.

Enter Nurse-Family Partnership. This program pairs income-eligible women pregnant with their first child with their own personal nurse from pregnancy through the child’s second birthday. Nurse-Family Partnership nurses provide support and guidance to moms on everything from how to take care of themselves throughout their pregnancy, labor and delivery to nutrition and breastfeeding. They’re a mom’s number one resource.

I’ve been a nurse for 31 years and a Nurse-Family Partnership nurse for five years – ever since the program began operating in Northeast North Carolina. Nurse-Family Partnership gives me the opportunity to educate and support new moms in their own homes. We provide education, support and we also help moms’ access community resources. I’m there to answer all of moms’ questions about what to expect raising a little one and help women meet their goals. I help women become the best moms they can be.

For pregnant women in Northeastern North Carolina who are interested in learning more about the Nurse-Family Partnership and getting their own free nurse, please visit nfpmoms.org or call/text 704-332-0111.