Letter to the Editor: School board member speaks with passion – not anger


Friday, October 13, 2017

This letter is in response to the article by Ms. Amelia Harper in the Wednesday, Oct. 4, edition of the Rocky Mount Telegram, In her report hedlined "Board balks at school takeover." Ms. Harper stated that '"Bullock expressed anger at the uncertainty of the situation" as she referred to the discussion of the possibility of the ISD School not being successful. However, she stated that Mr. Doll was "adamant'. Why is one considered to be "angry" and the other "adamant" when both speakers expressed opposition to the takeover?

When has a truthful response in a discussion become automatically one of anger? I said that our students were being treated like “guinea pigs." I stand by that statement. This process that is being forced on school districts has not been successful. We have seen report after report questioning the validity for using such a model. This model has been tried in several states with dismal outcomes. This model subjects our most fragile schools/students to be labeled, unfairly.

Was I angry? No, I was definitely not angry. Do I like the idea of ISD Schools? Absolutely not. Am I passionate about the work of the School board? Yes, most definitely. Do I care about the students in this district? Yes, I do. Will I advocate for the students in this district? Most assuredly. I am on this board because I see the need for an advocate for our children and I will continue to speak out as injustices occur.

Ms Harper, you don't know me well enough to determine whether I speak from anger or passion. Please refrain from trying to categorize my state of mind. I recognize that when one is angry, he loses all sense of clear thinking. What you saw Monday night was not anger; it simply was passion for what is happening to our public schools in a manner I thought reflected very clear thinking.


District 10 board member, Nash-Rocky Mount Schools