Letter to the Editor: Prayer march shows that God does belong in our city


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Stop look and listen! God really does belong in our city!

A little over a year ago the date for the march “God Belongs in My City” was set for Aug. 28. How were the organizers to know that it could be dangerous to gather anywhere in these days of unrest and violence? Saturday’s event was a peaceful march of several hundred people who started at the train station for prayer and worship. They were joined by motorcyclists from all around the state who had come to encircle the city with prayer while the marchers stopped at various places in town to pray. There was no interference like the case of some gatherings elsewhere.

Not here. Not now when all over the world where people gather either a bomber or a car driver or rioters hurt or kill them. Here and now we, like general George Washington when faced with the enemy, appeal to heaven. He commissioned a flag with the words “An Appeal to Heaven” to unite the colonists to pray and look to God for his protection and victory

So pray. God will protect Rocky Mount as we look to him for guidance and peace.


Rocky Mount