History says oppression generates more resistance


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Is what is happening in the Middle East really confusing?

Since the past several decades to the present, the different conflicts in the Middle East and Northern Africa seem to have a permanent place in the mainstream media.

Every year the unrest and wars continued to escalate. The events reported and analyzed seem to create more confusion and occasional misdirection for many readers. Some news appears to be selectively chosen and other news shunted aside and ignored even if it is relevant. I suspect there is actual suppression of the news run contrary to the spin that has been given to it by those in power.

Examples include the myth about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction, giving the reigning U.S. president, Bush, ammunition to invade Iraq. A more recent example is Seymour Hersh questioning the veracity of the mainstream mediaʼs reporting of the gas attack in Syria. Mr. Hersh is a reputable investigative journalist who had brought to light the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, and the torture practices at Abu Ghraib prison.

To really understand events taking place, one has to dig deep and read outside reports, especially those marginalized by the corporate-run media.

Recently, a few letters to the editor, have expressed what I regard as confusion in their understanding of the international situation, particularly the Middle East. The writers parrot the analyses offered by the corporate media with a strong dose of Islamophobia.

For me, to get order out of chaos, I concluded that conflicts in that area of the world would serve three primary purposes. One is the virulent struggle to control oil, conferring strong economic and political clout to the controller; two, the extreme geopolitical importance of that region, which is the gateway to Asia, Russia and Africa; and three, keeping that area destabilized to enable the continued sale of arms, boosting the economy of the purveyors of the machinery of death and destruction. To quote Time Inc. : “The United States remains the worldʼs preeminent exporter of arms, with more than 50 percent of the global weaponry market is controlled by the United States as of 2014.”

Once one is grounded in this basic reasoning, it is much easier to understand events as they happen, and not some self-serving analysis of the ruling elite.

A pattern of destabilization is obvious, even from way back in 1953 when the democratically elected Prime Minister Mosaddegh was overthrown by a cabal of Western powers with CIA collusion. The domino effect has passed on to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now, Syria to name a few. And the United States plays a prominent role in every one.

Throughout these events, the continued genocide of the Palestinian people gets shunted aside, forgotten like it is still not taking place. The importance of this struggle cannot be underestimated. For while there is continued destabilization of so-called unfriendly regimes or failed states and the continued resistance of the Middle Eastern peoples, the Western powers need a sheriff in that area. In step the fascist and apartheid state of Israel. Propped up by billions of American dollars and armed to the teeth with the latest weapons, Israel stand sentinel for the Western powers. The Palestinian peoples need to be completely wiped out for Israelʼs continued existence.

That would explain for me the persistent failure of the peace talks…they are just a facade and are meant to fail.

Truly, for the rest of us who want to see the end of the conflicts there, one need to understand that the success of the struggles of the Palestinians is crucial to peace in the Middle East.

There is one lesson that history has taught us again and again, that more oppression can only engender more resistance. Peace-loving people should heed this and support such struggles for true democracy and real freedom.


Rocky Mount