Letter to the Editor: Trump's plan to put people back to work isn't working


Thursday, August 10, 2017

A recent Letter to the Editor prompted the following response. The letter writer states that Donald Trump’s plan, if elected, was to “put people back to work in jobs.”

Well, that is not happening in South Carolina and in Wilmington. Family members in both locations have recently lost their jobs due to “economic factors.”

Around 5,000 jobs were terminated in South Carolina when it was decided to not move forward with the building of a nuclear power plant near Winsboro. This was with no forewarning at all to the employees. Some of them had recently bought homes in the area as the plan was to have employment for a number of years. Now the fallout to the merchants and businesses in the area will be devastating.

In Wilmington, the contract for more than 60 engineering jobs was canceled at the local General Electric plant because of “economic considerations.” Again, with very little notice to the employees.

I know jobs have been added in North Carolina recently, but only a few hundred here and there and not for “blue collar” workers for the most part. And now technology is such that the only way an unemployed person can obtain a new position is by word of mouth or by going online and submitting resumes. And that situation is so cold and impersonal.

You have no recourse to find out what an employer thinks of your job history, qualifications and personal attributes in order to obtain a position. In times past, you visited the company, handed them your resume or filled out an application form and made an appointment with the “boss” for an interview. Now you don’t even receive a reply when you email your resume to the HR department. And if you apply for unemployment benefits and are not successful in finding employment in 13 weeks, you are dropped and are no longer carried as a statistic in the number of unemployed workers in the state, thereby creating a false depiction of the true numbers of unemployed.

In regards to “freeing the pulpit to address biblical values that touch national concerns” I would suggest that she remember that Jesus taught only to “render to Caesar what is Caesar’s” not to use the pulpit for anything but to share God’s love and redemption. Pastors who are following Christ’s teachings should only be urging their congregations to pray for our leaders and our troubled nation. Americans make their own decisions with their right to vote and will now have to let their elected officials know if they are unhappy with how we are governed and urge them to make the necessary changes.

Praise the Lord, all you nations, Praise him all you people of the earth. For he loves us with unfailing love; the Lord’s faithfulness endures forever. Praise the Lord. Psalms 117.


Spring Hope