Letter to the Editor: President is a poor role model when it comes to principles


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I read in the Friday issue of the Telegram where society is drifting away from principles. Of course all of us remember when our parents did not like our clothes, our music, our friends (not all of them ) who was from a divorced marriage, even those who did not belong to our church. Each generation is accused of sliding a little more from the fiber of the Bible. The letter writer would pretend to be our guardian or parent, too. Yet sad to say in the days of the Bible it was necessary to tell people not to kill. Not to mistreat parents. Not to rape or bear false witness. Yet we had exemplaries like Solomon and David, who as kings were murderers, bullies, liars and slave holders. They covered up most of their miscreancies. Certainly their murders ... not their adultery.

And yes we have progressed to where we evoke freedoms. Espouse equity and we live in modern styles no longer stealing properties or land; mistreating natives or slaves. And we recognize many good ethical people who are variations of Christians and non-Christians, too. Individually, we can adapt to what progress we share or we can reject parts of our culture we feel ill about. The letter writer felt the population stepping back? It should be noted we have a leader who has lied to us 39 times about median issues, reneged on promises: minor …. 22 times. Major renegments, 17 times. He cares nothing about needy people without insurance in the richest country in the world – who share an American prescription drug process that is the most expensive and egregious. He disrespects people of different persuasions , fires ones he selected himself. He behaves paranoid Nixon-like much as he can to deflect telling us why he is a puppet of a foreign enemy who strikes at our core fiber. Who undermines our sustaining system of government as covertly and often as they can. This amuses our leader while he dismisses his once closest support whining like a huge baby that he is the king who gets no respect – nor does he give any. More vulgar than Solomon or David. More cruel to women than either one –our leader bragged how intimate he could treat women he was not married to. Or younger girls.

He is probably the bully of ego kings. And he has no concept of how our three-part system of governing is divided up and how checks and balances are by intent – most of us learned in civics classes. Who reports to whom, why, or why not. Our leader acts selfish if not agreed with. And there’s every hint that he borrowed money from our enemy or cheated the IRS in some vague way that sharing his tax returns might reveal who he cheated or who he owes. His constant fear of discovery already tells us he is not on John Adams side of the equation….. Which the lady opined herself. JA said our system was deemed to involve ethical people with a sense of religion. Our system has no need or paradigm where we have a man who cannot speak to Boy Scouts or who fires incredibly talented people in paranoidal fits or actually might like to pardon himself … after such a short time. Our young people’s ethics are far higher and best yet compared to the president of our country. He continues to deface people and issues he is not versed on. And with exaggerations he lives in his own fantasy world which seems a modern version of “The Madness of King George.” Soon he bears enough false witness our Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force become reluctant pawns. And as we all know we are already less respected throughout the world than ever before. The lady wants the youth to adapt for the better but how can they when leadership is callous, offensive, untruthful and rude.

Monkey see monkey do seems appropriate until the youth realize this is not leadership to follow. Then we have more serious problems .


Elm City