Letter to the Editor: America is in trouble with Trump administration


Monday, June 19, 2017

Republicans were highly critical of President Barack Obama calling him naive and not ready to be president. Their main objective was to make President Obama a one term president. Even with Republicans refusing to work with this president, Obama achieved greatness.

President Donald Trump has made one bad decision after the other during his early presidency. Republicans are saying he’s new at being president and not familiar with how things work in Washington.

Now mind you, this is the same man who said being president would be easy. I guess because he was inheriting the Senate, and House of Representatives he thought he was on Easy Street. So in layman terms, he has no earthly idea what he’s doing.

But don’t let Trump’s ignorant pseudo fool you. He was extremely critical of former President Clinton and then Attorney General Loretta Lynch having contact during the Hillary Clinton investigation. But now his administration wants to claim ignorance of protocol, now that he’s been caught alone with former FBI Director James Comey. This has been one of the most hypocrital administrations on record, and it’s only five months in.

And why is a person (Jared Kushner), who has no political background, nor foreign policy experience, in charge of certain foreign affairs? It’s like saying a man who becomes his own lawyer, has a fool for a lawyer.

Is this Trump’s way of secretly meeting with his Russian counterparts. From what I understand Kushner has no legitimate title. He’s special adviser to the President. He’s met with the Russians before, and probably has again.

If you are willing to give this administration a pass because somehow in your mind you think it’s trustworthy, and honoring its campaign promises, that’s your prerogative. But America is in trouble with this administration.

This President can call former Director Comey a coward, but had no harsh words for a 34-year-old white supremacist verbally attacking two young girls in Oregon. One of the girls as young as 16.

Possibly because his campaign rheortic has caused a spike in hate crimes. The sad part is two brave Americans gave their lives in defense of frightened girls being ridiculed by a bigot. These men didn’t see race, religion or political affiliation. These men saw Americans in trouble.

I applaud them and our president should be ashamed.


Rocky Mount