Letter to the Editor: Salaries for former city managers are astounding


Thursday, May 18, 2017

I would be remiss as a citizen and also as a retired city of Rocky Mount employee if I did not comment on the recent articles carried in the Rocky Mount Telegram.

The first article catching my eye was the hiring of an ex-city manager to fill in for Charles Penny during the interim search for a new city manager at a modest salary of $15,000 a month. I guess the two assistan city managers were unable to step in and fill this position at no added cost to city taxpayers.

But wait. It gets better, as of the May 9 edition of the Rocky Mount Telegram. The recently retired city manager was hired to consult on the downtown community center for a salary of $4,800 a month, plus perks. This contract being put together in a closed City Council meeting.

As a citizen and taxpayer on the Edgecombe side, can I be the only person who is astounded and dismayed with what is transpiring in front of our eyes?


Rocky Mount