Letter to the Editor: Atlantic Coast Pipeline would put tens of thousands at risk


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My wife I drove down from Little Valley in Bath County to participate in the rally for our environment outside of the Dominion shareholders meeting Wednesday. Dominion’s attempt to screen us from the view of shareholders by placing curtains around the convention center and walkway leading to it reminded me of the cold war, the Soviet Union’s iron curtain, and the Berlin Wall. Dominion shareholders should think twice about investing in a company that has so much to hide. Curtains aren’t enough to quell the growing call for Dominion

to stop abusing ratepayers, citizens, and our environment.

CEO Tom Ferrell and spokesperson David Botkins continue to play Dominion’s tiresome discordant tune that the company is a good corporate citizen, that they are making the air cleaner, rates lower, and that the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) will be safe, and meets stringent environmental reviews.

None of this is true. Dominion continues to buy influence from politicians while freezing rates for captive customers at higher than warranted levels. The ACP is routed through extreme slopes in mountainous Western Virginia which the USGS has designated as landslide prone, and karst terrain that could cut off drinking water springs and wells to hundreds of people with very little liability to Dominion. This pipeline is not safe. It puts tens of thousands of people at risk. The proposed environmental controls are paper thin. The ACP will cause massive water pollution.

Dominion continues to send more and more CO2 and methane into our atmosphere, while lagging far behind adjacent states in renewable energy production. I hereby call on Mr. Ferrell to write a letter to his children and grandchildren explaining why he has decided to put their climate future at risk while today lining his pockets from those he plunders.

Thank you.


Warm Springs, Va.