Letter to the Editor: Another round of repressive legislation


Monday, March 20, 2017

The announcement on March 6th by the News and Observer that there is a proposal in the NC legislature to classify public protests and demonstrations as “economic terrorism” should come as no surprise. This is part of the continuing and relentless trend to quash the public voice which has risen in reaction to the injustices rained down on us on a daily basis.

Under the guise of protecting public interest, this move is not only directed against free speech in general, but against the recent NAACP announcement of an economic boycott of NC in particular. The NC legislature most likely regards the NAACP and its leadership as a major thorn in its side. The well-publicized Moral Monday Movement has drawn large crowds of protestors not only in NC, but in other states as well. On top of that, the recent Women’s March and HK on J demonstrations underline the massive dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs locally and nationally.

The question we should ask ourselves is who is raining terror down on whom? Economic terrorism is taking away healthcare and making it unaffordable for the majority of the people. Economic terrorism is destroying public schools, leaving hurricane survivors homeless, depriving workers of a living wage, imposing a pipeline on farmlands and pristine rivers, preventing poor people from obtaining home mortgages, and disenfranchising people of color and the poor. Economic terrorism is the rule of the rich raining down injustices on all of us because they can, because they hold the purse strings, because they control the taxes we all pay.

And they have the nerve to call us the terrorists, because we maintain the constitutional right to protest? And when town hall meetings are requested, elected officials are suddenly unavailable!

There is now more reason than ever for everyone to stand together and resist. Appeasement is never the solution.

Dr. Kim E. Koo

Rocky Mount