November 30, 2016

Bringing an element of elegance to your holiday celebration is easy when you start with party-pleasing ingredients, and great tasting food often starts with dairy. Foods like milk, cheese and yogurt not only enhance the flavor and texture of dishes everyone loves, but they also add high-quality…

So-very-sweet condiment isn't difficult to make

November 23, 2016

"Salted" and "caramel" are two words that make many people get misty in the eyes and weak in the knees.

You can buy lovely salted caramel in the stores to drizzle over ice cream, cake, pie or just your tongue, but you also can easily make it at home, and for a lot less money. What a great…

You can cook your turkey breast and eat it too

November 16, 2016

Let's say that this year's Thanksgiving feast is going to be a more intimate affair than the usual cast of thousands, yet you still want turkey. It can be done.

Instead of cooking up a whole bird, why not go with a turkey breast?

"Because," you reasonably reply, "white meat turkey tends to turn out…

Impressive dessert isn't that hard to prepare

November 09, 2016

I decided to take my favorite brownie recipe, one I published several years ago in "The Mom 100 Cookbook," and turn it into something that says, "Hi, pumpkin season, how've you been?"

The bottom layer is a fudgy brownie, dense and with a serious hit of chocolate. The top layer is a creamy pumpkin…