June 13, 2017

A study gives reassuring news for breast cancer survivors who want to have children. Those who later became pregnant were no more likely to have their cancer come back than those who did not have a baby.

It is a big issue — the average age of moms has been rising in the United States, and…

Mother-daughter triathletes take after each other

May 14, 2017

PAULSBORO, N.J. — Cheryl Sierocinski DeLorenzo didn't know her exercise routine would have such an impact on her daughter, Leann DeLorenzo. And she wouldn't have guessed her athletic daughter would one day become her training partner.

But nearly two decades after the Paulsboro resident picked…

Artificial womb helps tiny lambs grow

May 02, 2017

WASHINGTON  — Researchers are creating an artificial womb to improve care for extremely premature babies — and remarkable animal testing suggests the first-of-its-kind watery incubation so closely mimics mom that it just might work.

Today, premature infants weighing as little as a…

Colon cancer now showing up in younger people

March 28, 2017

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Even though she's now cancer-free, the anger shows when Flower Scalia, 35, remembers being diagnosed.

Raised in California, she had been living in Chattanooga for almost 20 years, working as a dental assistant and helping her husband at the shoe repair shop his family has…