Our View: A wish for optimism in the year ahead


Rocky Mount Telegram

Monday, January 1, 2018

What would New Year’s Day be without some black eyed peas, bowl games and a pocketful of resolutions at the ready?

Today is not a day for the cynics. We don’t need any negativity as we welcome a fresh start in the new year. Internet trolls: Feel free to take a day off. Mean tweet scribes: Pound some sand. All that partisan bickering that we all endured and relegated ourselves to: Where has it gotten us? Let’s be honest about this: Did we change hearts and minds or just waste a lot of air screaming at each other in 2017?

Let’s take this first day of this brand new year to embrace something positive. Bring on those well-intentioned gym memberships. Perhaps this is the year you’ll lose that dad bod. Be ambitious with your financial goals. There’s plenty of luck and fortune waiting to be seized. Your team will make the playoffs. Your dreams can come true. We don’t have to acrimoniously fight over politics, religion, and race. We can be better than we were. We can accept one another’s differences and respect opposing beliefs.

There’s no better place to wipe the slate clean than in our political arena.

Wouldn’t it be an amazing change of pace if Democrats and Republicans worked together -- even for a little while? Just to mix it up and try something new. What good could be accomplished if partisanship took a backseat, we wonder. But this is 2018, an election year, after all. So we’ll keep dreaming.