Our View: Have a wonderful Thanksgiving


Rocky Mount Telegram

Thursday, November 23, 2017

In a year of perpetual uncertainty about jobs, retirement and the future of the country, Thanksgiving might seem a tough meal for cynics to swallow. But pass the gravy to them anyway. They need the holiday even more than the rest of us.

The problems of the world don’t take a break for a mark on the calendar, but the rest of us can.

Those of us who are gathering to break bread with our families can look around the table at a room full of blessings. Those of us in good health should take a moment or two to relish a meal that some people can’t. And those of us who have welcomed home sons, daughters and spouses from the military don’t need to be advised on this holiday – you’re already thankful a million times over.

To those of us who are less fortunate, who face issues of health or poverty or the loss of loved ones, may the rest of us remember you in our prayers and look for ways to reach out to you.

The Rocky Mount community has a long, rich tradition of doing that – with or without holidays at hand.

In good times, Thanksgiving is a chance to celebrate our good fortunes, to remind ourselves not to take such blessings for granted.

In tough times, the holiday stands as a reminder that there is almost always something to be grateful for, even when life seems dark.

Happy Thanksgiving, Rocky Mount. May your day be rich with fellowship and love.