Our View: Join the fight to end addiction


Sunday, August 27, 2017

In today’s edition begins a series of stories on a deadly killer that has gripped the nation and hasn’t spared the Twin Counties in its toll. As Telegram staff writer Amelia Harper reports, opioids are commonly found in many of our medicine cabinets and addiction to this lethal drug does not discriminate. All ages, genders, races and households of every socio-economic status have been hit by this epidemic. 

The worst mistake we can make is to shrug off these stories and tell ourselves, “Not my city, not my family, not me.”

We are telling these stories of heartbreak and tragedy, what local, state, and federal authorities are doing to fight this affliction, and what Twin Counties residents can do as a community in hopes that we can be part of the solution to raise awareness to this widespread but also very personal issue.

This is a daunting challenge that our nation faces. The statistics are shocking, and the stories we will be sharing in this series are harrowing. But in hearing our local sheriff’s efforts, what our Democratic governor is doing to help the state, and how our Republican president is responding to this crisis, we are filled with hope that we can come together as a nation, put politics and partisanship aside and find solutions to this scourge.

We applaud the collective efforts of our local authorities and the national figures who have taken on this enormous challenge. But as a community, we cannot bury our heads in the sand and hope our homes are spared. We must be part of the solution. We must educate ourselves on how we got here and take on a proactive role in getting these drugs out of our homes and off our streets.

Please join us in this fight.