December 01, 2016

Gov. Pat McCrory seems to have questioned practically every aspect of North Carolina elections, and hard-working elections officials across the state patiently have listened and responded. But with each day, Democrat Roy Cooper’s lead in votes grows. It is time for McCrory to accept that…

November 30, 2016

A lot of us tend to think of the Federal Emergency Management Agency the way we do rainy day funds. It is nice to know it is there, but will we ever really need it?

Well, yes, as thousands of folks affected by Hurricane Matthew can tell you. That storm rained on Eastern North Carolina in a big way.…

November 27, 2016

Nash County commissioners made the right decision last week in requesting that Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools officials provide them with an estimate of what it would cost for the county to offer merit-based bonuses to locally-funded school employees.

The school district received $200,000 from the…

November 25, 2016

A caller to Speak Up once raised a pointed question: Why should consumers pay more by shopping locally when they can find cheaper prices for similar items and avoid paying sales taxes by shopping online?

The answer, as we have noted before, is a little like the reason your mom gave you for eating…

November 24, 2016

For all the wisdom we credit previous generations of Americans for having, perhaps the smartest gift they left us was the scheduling of Thanksgiving just a couple of weeks after Election Day.

If Pilgrims and Native Americans could sit down together and break bread, then why not Democrats,…

November 23, 2016

The price of a gallon of gasoline for Thanksgiving 2016 is not as cheap as it was a year ago, but that likely is not to deter folks from traveling to see friends and loved ones this holiday weekend.

AAA Carolinas predicts there will be more people on the road this year than there were in 2014…

November 13, 2016

The holiday fundraising season already has kicked off across the Twin Counties, and there is no shortage of opportunities for local residents to pitch in.

The United Way annual campaign is in full gear, offering local residents and businesses the chance to help various nonprofit organizations…

November 08, 2016

By the time most of us go to bed tonight, the voting, at least, will be finished. What we wake up to in the morning will be a different matter.

Calling the winner based on a “popular vote” seems an oxymoron. The winner, this year, probably will be anything but popular, regardless of who…

November 06, 2016

It’s almost over.

Very soon, the barrage of negative ads, name-calling, outlandish claims, insults and outrage that has been the 2016 election campaign will all be an unpleasant memory.


On Tuesday, it will be up to the voters to perform the final act that will bring the campaign to…

November 03, 2016

Democracy in action is more popular than ever, based on statewide results of early voting, thus far.

That’s a plus for all of us. The more people participating in the process, the more likely the results will reflect the true wishes of the majority of Americans. But just as the more popular…

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