How many shootings will it take?


Lindell John Kay


Staff Writer

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Cowards! One and all. Bought and paid for by gun lobbyists.

Every single time there’s a mass shooting at a school, church, movie theater or concert, we are told by lawmakers “now is not the time to talk about gun control.”

My friend, my colleague, was gunned down on live television.

Again, we were told it wasn’t the time to discuss gun control.

Hey, Congress, keep your half-staffed flags, keep your thoughts and prayers.

If you’re unwilling to pass a no-fly, no-buy law then you aren’t worth a damn.

That seems simple enough, right? But Congress wouldn’t even pass a law that said if you’re on the national no-fly list, then you shouldn’t be able to buy a firearm.

The mass shooting in Florida last week was the worst since November, which was the worst since October. Good grief. What does it take for Congress to take action?

Lawmakers sit on their hands as bullets fly and children die. Legislators keep washing their hands like a council of Pontius Pilates at the Crucifixion. But it’s getting harder and harder for Congress to scrub the blood off their hands.

Whoever thought we would get to a point where Columbine is so far gone that it’s not even the horrific incident we think about when a school shooting happens yet again?

I’m so tired of of the hand wringing. Just do something about it already.

Florida’s governor wants the head of the FBI to resign because tips about this latest shooter were missed or mishandled. Legislators have been dropping the ball on gun control for decades. Someone should demand they resign.

Don’t take it from me. Listen to someone who matters: Emma Gonzalez, a survivor of last week’s massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

“To every politician who is taking donations from the NRA — shame on you,” she said at a gun control rally Saturday in Fort Lauderdale.

She also called out the president who gave a seven-minute speech about the school shooting the day after it happened and never uttered the word “gun.” That’s likely because Donald Trump’s campaign raked in $30 million from the National Rifle Association.

While ignoring our gun problems, Trump blamed the shooting on mental illness.

That might make sense except for the fact Trump signed legislation last year that undid a law making it harder for the mentally ill to purchase a firearm.

Trump, tweeting from his Mar-a-Largo hideaway — which is just 40 miles from where Emma’s classmates were gunned down — used the mass shooting to try to further undermine the FBI’s probe into election meddling by saying the agency might have stopped the shooting if they weren’t busy with the Russia investigation. Where did Trump get such a sick notion?

He had dinner Saturday with Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera just hours after Rivera was already saying such nonsense on the air.

Will things ever change? I’m excited by these kids’ determination, but less than 50 miles away Saturday morning, the Miami Gun Show opened with more than 100 vendors selling guns including AR-15s, the weapon used in last Wednesday’s attack.

I know, I know. Gun rights are guaranteed by the Second Amendment. But life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should mean something to all the gun lovers out there.

As was pointed out by Joe Scarborough in a recent column, just 3 percent of Americans own more than 50 percent of the guns. Do you think that’s what the Founders had in mind?