A columnist's creed for writing


Lindell John Kay


Staff Writer

Monday, September 25, 2017

For two years I've been writing this column, offering opinions and observations as I see them.

My seeming contradictions over that period of time has confused some folks and the question I get asked most is 'what exactly do you believe?'

(Well, honestly, that's the second most asked question. The first most asked question, which I never tire of hearing, is 'don't you have a better photo to run with your column?' I don't. I really don't.)

I've simultaneously expressed my support of the Second Amendment and my frustrations over the lack of common sense gun control laws. I've voiced my support of the death penalty, my personal dislike of abortions and yet my unwillingness to think I know what's best for a pregnant woman facing the toughest choice in her life. It can get a little confusing if you try to keep up with it all as we go.

So, here's what I believe Crash Davis style:

I believe the sexiest parts of a woman's body are her neck and earlobes, nothing's better than a sip of Tennessee whiskey on a cold morning, anything written by Nicholas Sparks is self-indulgent crap. I believe Han Solo shot first. I believe there should be a law against Facebook memes. I believe Anne's Donuts are the best in the entire world, Netflix is better than cable, and I believe in the total depravity of man. I believe AP style is overrated and flack should be a four-letter word. And finally when it comes to writing, it's like Papa Hemingway said, what is left out is far more important than what's included.