Book reading to mark Black History Month


Lenette Britt


From Contributed Reports

Friday, February 15, 2019

Lenette Britt, author of “Ma B’s Lesson on Black History,” will be the focus of two local events.

She will be at a book signing at noon on Sunday at Word Tabernacle Church and is scheduled to read at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday at Braswell Memorial Library.

Britt said she grew up reading Dr. Seuss’ books. At an early age, she knew writing would be her life-long passion.

“Writing imaginative stories that seem to come alive on the pages of a book as you read each line allows one to anticipate, with bated breath, what will happen next,” Britt said. “I believe we should study our culture as well as our heritage. ‘Ma B’s Lesson on Black History’ book was birthed out of a need to find more books on black Americans.

“We must make it a priority to make sure the contributions of slaves, black inventors and entrepreneurs are recognized. Not because of the color of their skin, but for their intellect, style and tenacity to keep getting up while some were literally being beat down.”

Britt received the Mayor’s Book Club Award for “Ma B’s Lesson on Black History” in Hampton, Va., and also received two awards from Head Start for outstanding author and book of the year.

“God has given us gifts that are uniquely ours,” Britt said. “If you are good at your craft, the reader should be able to feel as though they are experiencing every scene and emotion the author writes.

“That’s why I believe parents should read to their children at an early age, to get them accustomed to the joys of reading. Reading has the ability to take you to foreign countries while sitting in your living room. It can build self confidence as well as verbal and social skills. Reading is fundamental to the well-being of every human being.”

Britt said she has two books soon to be published, “Ma B and the Zucchini and Carrot Cookie Thief” and “Ma B and the Purple Alphabet Tree” and has written two inspirational books, “It Will Happen If You Never Give Up” and “Mr. Beautiful — A Love Story Made in Heaven” soon to be published. She also has written, directed and produced two stage plays, “Ma B’s Parable of the Biscuit and Gravies” and the “Resurrected Man’s Journey Home.”

“Without God, I would not be able to accomplish anything on my own,” Britt said. “It is He I give all credit to for the gifts and talents He has blessed me to bless others. I

“Whatever you are called to do, answer the call because you may not be given another chance.”

For more information or to order a book, call 252-200-6920 or email lenettebritt@gmail.com.