Global Achievers School stages first play performance

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Teacher Alesia Johnson played the Prince who slayed the Dragon, portrayed by Ella Shearin, in 'Sleeping Beauty' at Global Achievers Academy.


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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Global Achievers School recently held its first stage performance, “Sleeping Beauty.”

Three young ladies in the third grade performed this favorite fairy tale, complete with costumes, props and a backstage area. According to teacher Alesia Johnson, the original purpose of reading “Sleeping Beauty” was to make students want to read. For comprehension, they drew a diagram.

“From there, it just took on a life of its own,” Johnson said.

Four shows allowed for all of the students in the school, teachers and parents to be audience members.

MacKenzie Whistler, who played dual roles of Fauna and Merry-weather, said that she liked playing different characters and the quick changes. She added that she learned how to act out the words in a play, and that maybe they could do their own play one day.

Alexis Jones, who portrayed Flora and Princess Aurora, said she liked her costumes and learning her lines.

Ella Shearin was the evil Malificent, and the dragon she turned herself into. She enjoyed doing deep voices.

“I felt good about myself,” she said.

Johnson extended a special thanks to Faye Privette and Salome Rosso for their much-needed help with the set.

Global Achievers School, temporarily housed in Rocky Mount, is a K-3 free public charter school.