Church to sponsor panel discussion about marriage


From Contributed Reports

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Word Tabernacle Church will host a Marriage Panel Discussion during its usual Bible Study times at noon and 7 p.m. today with the Rev. James Gailliard, senior pastor, moderating.

Although the focus is marriage, singles are also encouraged to attend as the sessions also will provide insight to singles considering marriage.


Nearly half of marriages in the United States result in divorce. Because of this, Word Tabernacle Church is endeavoring to make a difference and change the trajectory of divorce rates by hosting such opportunities as marriage panel discussions.

Elder Charles and Sylvia Britt, who are the Marriage Ministry counselors and have been married for 48 years, believe formal counseling works to a certain extent.

"Offering marriage panel discussions provide an offline avenue to counseling and allows for couples to confidentially have marital questions addressed," Charles Britt said.

Sylvia Britt recalls the idea coming to her while sleeping, and after discussing it with her husband and later presenting it to Gailliard, she was convinced it is a creative way to help save marriages and strengthen families.

"People have so many questions and are often afraid to ask verbally," she said. "Marriages and families matter and we want to see them thrive."

Because the Bible is unquestionably clear about the union of marriage and its significance, Gailliard said he is thrilled about this first-ever undertaking of marriage panel discussions and is certain it will not be the last time.

"We are committed to exalting Christ, equipping the church, evangelizing the city, encouraging the congregation, empowering the citizens and expanding our capacity," he said.

The Marriage Panel Discussion is open to the community. Live streaming will be available on the church's Facebook page and website. For more information about the Marriage Ministry and Counseling Division of Word Tabernacle Church, counseling services or upcoming events, call 252-442-2925, email marriageministry@wordtab.net or visit www.wordtab.net.