Church hosts seminars for working moms


Word Tabernacle Church recently sponsored a seminar for working moms at The Impact Center.


From Contributed Reports

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Forty working moms recently paused to be re-energized from daily pressures, to be reminded of their greatness and to be reassured that contributions to their families and work places are important.

Most working moms would likely agree that the dual role of parenting and managing professions seem overwhelming and underappreciated at times, which is why Robbie Green, a certified professional coach and creator of Working Moms’ Productions, launched the coaching program.

Green presented the two-session seminar for Word Tabernacle Church and community at The Impact Center as a means to turn the vicious cycle of being a working mom into a virtuous and victorious journey. Single, married, new and experienced moms attended.

“Support of this kind helps working women to be better moms and employees.” Green said. “What qualifies me to stand before working women and impart knowledge is the fact that I am one of them The mission of the seminar is valuable because working moms often deal with issues that do not affect working men. Working moms sometime place impossible expectations on themselves to do and be everything to everyone. Then, when we can’t achieve this impossible goal, it turns into a terrible cycle of regret and guilt.”

Not only did the sessions allow working moms to have a solution-based sounding board for areas that concern them at home and at work, but also infused participants with the courage to catapult their personal and professional lives to the next level. 

“The much needed training was an understatement and hope there will be more sessions,” said Dorea Nunery, owner of Radiant Delights.

Green used the balloon exercise to demonstrate all of the things working moms have to juggle and manage. Once the balloons were released into the air, the goal was to keep them from touching the ground. In attempting to do so, the moms quickly realized it took a team effort to keep their balloons afloat.

“The objective was to teach that we cannot do it all on our own — it is perfectly OK to ask for help,” Green said.

Gladys Branch, parent counseling and support ministry leader, said the seminar “is one of many ways Word Tabernacle Church assists and develops families holistically in the areas of faith, family, fitness and finances.”

Upcoming sessions include the topics of Co-Parenting, Blended Families and Effectively Advocating for Children at School.

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