Brekenridge helps support Peacemakers


The Brekenridge Retirement Center recently donated to Peacemakers of Rocky Mount.


From Contributed Reports

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Residents, staff and friends of Brekenridge Retirement Center recently presented a check to Peacemakers of Rocky Mount.

Each month, the Brekenridge Retirement Center supports a local or foreign mission group or other organization that serves Rocky Mount. This month the ministry emphasis was on Peacemakers. Earlier in November, a matching dollar-to-dollar challenge was extended to residents, staff and friends of Brekenridge to raise money for the toy drive Peacemakers oversees each December.

Brekenridge officials said they are happy to announce that they exceeded their goal.

Peacemakers is a Christian social action and community development center that serves South Rocky Mount. One of its goals is that every home in South Rocky Mount will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. In December, the organization sponsors a Christmas store for the community where residents can go shopping and buy quality gifts for their children and loved ones. Many other businesses, individuals and churches support the Christmas Store by either donating toys or money.

Brekenridge officials said they are excited to be part of this and other ministries. A few weeks ago, the residents packed 25 boxes for Samaritans Purse. Both of these opportunities were tangible ways that the residents could participate in the community and ministry projects without ever leaving our campus.