Health Department staff take Walking Challenge


Edgecombe County Health Department employees completed an eight-week Regional Walking Challenge.


From Contributed Reports

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Edgecombe County Health Department employees recently completed an eight-week Regional Walking Challenge — a competition to see who could walk the farthest out of 42 teams from several different counties: Dare, Edgecombe, Martin, Tyrell, Washington and the Albemarle Region.

Regionally, Dare County had the winning team, having walked a total of 2,017 miles.

In Edgecombe County, 30 health department employees, creating six teams in total, walked a total number of 5,915 miles.

The team with the highest number of steps, having walked 1,425 miles, was Team Julie Keel, with team members Mary Jo Darden, Gloristine Smith, Rose Parker, Calvin Bridgers and Ernest Thigpen.

Upon completing the challenge, employees were excited to continue practicing healthy behaviors, like walking, even after the challenge had ended.

Walking has many health benefits. It can lower your risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, improve mental health and mood, strengthen bones and muscles, increase chances of living longer and improve one’s ability to do daily activities. Public health professionals strive to promote and live an active and healthy lifestyle.

By making small changes in our daily activities, such as competing in a walking challenge, starting a walking group, taking the steps instead of the elevator or parking farther away from the store, we can step toward living a healthier lifestyle.