NCC official speaks at national conference


Dr. Trent Mohrbutter of Nash Community College speaks at the​ ​Advancement via Individual Determination​ Summer Institute​ in San Antonio, Texas.


From Contributed Reports

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Nash Community College once again​ is​ sharing best practices in instruction ​throughout the nation.

Dr. Trent Mohrbutter, the college’s vice president for instruction and chief academic officer, was among the special guests invited to speak at the​ ​Advancement via Individual Determination​ (AVID​)​ Summer Institute​ in San Antonio, Texas.

Summer Institute is AVID’s annual professional learning event. More than 39,000 new and veteran educators and AVID members attended the Institute at various locations throughout the United States. Attendees learned the latest in AVID methodologies to successfully​ utilize ​high-engagement instructional strategies in their schools.

​In his address, Mohrbutter described NCC’s partnership with AVID for Higher Education and its associated outcomes.

“For five years, NCC in partnership with AVID for Higher Education, has dedicated thousands of hours to professional enrichment. What started as one full day of professional development each year, grew into four days as we teamed with AVID, then grew further into monthly sessions as faculty became more skilled at implementing the high engagement strategies learned through AVID. We later developed a peer academy and Master Instructor for Higher Education certification for faculty who have implemented AVID strategies at the highest level,” Mohrbutter told conference goers. “The college has seen increases in retention rates to above 70 percent; and persistence has increased to 90 percent. Therefore, even when a student is not successful, they are less likely to drop out, and more likely to try again. AVID has helped Nash Community College faculty become better teachers, helped the staff become better service providers and helped the students become better learners.”

The college became one of only two National Demonstration Sites for ​​A​VID for Higher Education in 2016.

“AVID is recognized around the world as an organization that works to improve student success in K-12 and Higher Education. NCC was one of the first institutions in the country to implement AVID for Higher Education,” Mohrbutter said.​

NCC’s investment and whole campus, “all-in” commitment to success for every student has helped the college achieve four consecutive years of record graduations.