Nash County deputy graduates from police institute

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Nash County Chief Deputy Brandon Medina


From Contributed Reports

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Chief Deputy Brandon Medina of the Nash County Sheriff’s Office recently completed and graduated from the 136th session of the Southern Police Institute’s Administrative Officers Course in Louisville, Ky.

The Administrative Officers Course is a twelve-week in-residence, accredited college level educational program designed to develop informed, effective, ethically and technically competent law enforcement managers who are capable of assuming positions of leadership in their respective agencies. This comprehensive development program provides instruction in law enforcement issues, diagnostic problem solving and administrative law. The varied methods of instruction used by the faculty permit participants to engage their individual reativity and initiative through the analytical examination of issues and problems faced by contemporary law enforcement executives.

This course is required as a prerequisite for appointment to the position of police chief by many government jurisdictions throughout the United States. Numerous graduates of the Administrative Officers Course are among today's law enforcement leaders directing agencies throughout the United States and abroad.

“The course was a great opportunity to see and learn how 35 other law enforcement agencies across the United States are addressing the same issues we are facing in Nash County and surrounding areas,” Medina said. “I’ve seen that we as an agency are ahead in some instances in ensuring the quality of life of our citizens is our top priority.”


Prior to the Administrative Officer’s Course, Medina also graduated from American Military University with a master’s degree in management with a concentration in human resources in May 2016. Medina also has completed N.C. State University’s Administrative Officers Management Program in 2013.

“This is a great honor for a member of our Sheriff’s Office to complete a Master’s Degree and complete the Administrative Officers Course in such a short amount of time,” Sheriff Keith Stone said.

Medina has been a member of the Nash County Sheriff’s Office since 2014 and started his law enforcement career as a patrolman for the Rocky Mount Police Department in April 2001.

“Chief Deputy Medina made a huge personal sacrifice when he committed to attending the Administrative Officers Course,” Stone said. “Attendees are separated from their families and friends for 12 weeks, leaving loved ones at home to manage the day to day operations.”