Bill Stancil: Craving the green of spring


Bill Stancil


By Bill Stancil
The Billboard

Friday, February 2, 2018

I eased into the New Year with thoughts of great change in the outdoors and hoping to see the color of warm green instead of the cold color of white.

A much younger Bill would have enjoyed the snow, just as we did in 1948, when we had more snow than I had ever seen at one time.

My other thoughts of a new year centered around the annual mincemeat pie that my sweet wife bakes for me at this time every year. But like the color I am longing to see in the outdoors, the pie is not visible yet, either. I keep hoping that both will make an appearance soon.

I am yearning to hear the honking of the Canada geese and see the vee of their flight as they return from wherever they migrated to, for they have stories to tell of faraway places, as they come up the river and over our yard.

I want to feel the warm sun on my face as I marvel at their flying skills, so close together, yet not one feathered wing touching another as they make their passes over the neighborhood.

I yearn to see the bluebirds again as they head for the homemade boxes they call their home each year, and the many robins that congregate in our backyard and take command of the birdbath each spring and summer.

I can hardly wait to see folks plowing up their garden plots again to get them ready to grow their vegetables and other things, including the flowers that go with them.

I want to see and smell flowers, roses, gardenias and other flowering plants that have the odor of a new spring. I want to see the butterflies flutter up and kiss each little buttercup.

And I want to see the new growth of all kinds of things, and hear the squeaky noises of the new little frogs we call “spring peepers.”

I want to listen to lawnmowers manicuring the spring lawns and the chatter of children enjoying themselves splashing in their pools, riding their bikes and having fun in the warmer world.

I don’t garden like I used to, nor cut grass as much as in the past, but I am lucky that I have family and friends who do that for me if needed. Time and age have dictated that I enjoy less strenuous outdoor activity.

And I don’t spend as much time in the outdoors as I would like to, but I get close to it, because we have a back deck and a screened-in side porch. It is a great place to have family dinners or to just relax, to write, to paint and to read and think about how different our world is today than it was just a few years ago.

A change in season is good, for the winter snows bring the type of nourishment and watering ability that makes beautiful lawns in the spring and summer.

Some people love snow and ice, and many come from states that have more snow and ice than we do.

Don’t think for a moment that I hate snow, because I don’t. I just feel better in the spring and summer months.

One good thing happening right away is the Super Bowl. I don’t get too excited over that, because my team will not be there – unless they have tickets.

I have been very loyal to my team and I have cheered them on the whole season. I guess they did the best they could. They have been to the Super Bowl before, but did not win. Better luck next year, guys.

Another good thing happening very soon is the Winter Olympics.

I try to watch some of the Winter Olympics because I like the skiing and skating competition and admire their skills as they go through the downhill jumps and turns. Sometimes there are dangerous accidents, as in any sport, but I pray for their safety and urge the American teams on to victory.

Since I cannot fix the problems that our world has, nor figure out a solution for them, I will just leave that to God, knowing that he can and will fix them to His own satisfaction, like making sure that I enjoy His beautiful winters, springs and summers.

And while He is doing that, I look forward to enjoying our porch and waiting for my mincemeat pie.