Bill Stancil: Surviving the great whiteout of 2018


Bill Stancil


By Bill Stancil
The Billboard

Friday, January 12, 2018

I know I am the one who recently said, “Let’s welcome 2018; it’s probably going to be better than 2017.” How foolish I was. So far, 2018 has caused me to become totally disgusted with the color white.

Since childhood, we have been used to snow, ice and freezing conditions in the middle of winter, not in the throes of moving into a new year.

New years are for making resolutions and getting ready to welcome a sunny and more balmy spring, not temperatures as low as 1 degree and snow and ice that stays packed on streets and yards, nor cold weather that freezes water pipes for days and days.

Thanks to the hard work of family, we finally have hot water again and the wife can stop boiling water for cooking, baths and other things that we were used to just turning a water tap to use.

I was not going to make any New Years resolutions, because I have leftovers from years and years ago that I probably have not used. But after these frigid days we have had, if I make a resolution, it will be to not get excited over the color white. I don’t like the color white as much as I used to.

To begin with, our water pipes froze up, and it has taken family and friends working day and night to get them thawed enough so we could have hot water again. And now that the job is finished, I know that God answers prayers through other people in our lives, and he may have brought us the snow and ice to help with a beautiful spring that He will bless us with. I’m very content with His methods.

Maybe the icy weather we are having now will help do away with all of the pesky bugs, knats and other things that find ways to torment us in warmer seasons. That could be part of God’s plan to help us have a beautiful and enjoyable spring and summer.

Anxiously watching weather forecasts has been a boon to television weather programs, because I am sure their audiences have grown in size.

Other bad things the icy weather has done is to cost many people their lives because of bad road conditions and the fact that some people simply will not slow down and drive responsibly, in spite of posted speed limits and icy road conditions. Sometimes, even without icy roads, I ask myself this question about highway traffic:

Why is it important that you get somewhere in a hurry, when you could just leave for your destination a little earlier?

Another question is why must you text or accept calls while driving? Just look at the number of lives that are already ruined by those actions, even on highways that are not icy.

In spite of the lives lost in traffic accidents, there were many notable cases of other people saving lives of others during the whiteout.

For the moment, although the ice is melting and sunshine is bringing warmth to the outside again, I am content with not making any other New Years resolutions. I’ll just hold on to the one I made, and not like white — as long as the house stays warm and we have plenty of hot water.