Bill Stancil: Did message of Easter change all of us?


Bill Stancil


By Bill Stancil
The Billboard

Friday, April 21, 2017

We just completed one of the two most holy days celebrated in the United States, we who call ourselves "the most Christian nation in the world." Easter Sunday was beautiful and a reminder that Christ's resurrection assured all of His believers that eternal life for us is guaranteed, not here on the earth, but in Heaven.

We don't hide Easter eggs at my age, but we eat them if they are available, along with any chocolate bunny or chocolate egg that comes along. Thankfully, one came along.

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday with family here with us for a cookout, including their canine pets. Our grandchildren brought our "granddogs, Izzy and Ada," with them, so we were smothered with love by all who appeared. It was an Easter blessing.

Thinking about the blessings of Easter and how it relates to Christian life in America, I sometimes wonder how such a "Christian" nation can tarnish the blessings of God by doing such evil things to each other. We seem to think the Golden Rule just says "Do unto others!" And, by golly, we go out and do it.

I believe that we may have become a "Me-Me" generation, who wants to be seen, regardless of what we are doing, totally different from the generations of our parents and grandparents. I wonder if parents ever shame their children into remorse for their actions, or let them grow up doing as they please.

Mama could change my behavior instantly by shaking her finger in my face and saying "You ought to be ashamed of yourself!" Those words hurt me worse than a whipping would have. She had the fastest finger in the neighborhood, and I gave her lots of "fast-draw" practice with it.

As sweet and beautiful as I am sure the Easter celebrations were in the churches of our nation and in the homes of millions of us, the aftermath was spoiled by the evil acts at the expense of others.

It is a daily (or nightly) thing here and other places in America. Most news in the mornings now in newspapers, on radio and television report terrible crimes that occur overnight. One of the worst was the murder of a man by another man, who placed the video of the murder on Facebook.

What's going on with people who want to be seen assaulting, stealing or committing murder? Do we have a generation who want to be noticed, regardless of what is going on?

That vicious act is not the only startling and sickening thing that happens on a daily basis in our land now. Not a day passes, it seems, without an assault, mugging, robbery or a cold-blooded murder. It's a senseless waste of life.

Whose fault is it? Maybe we all share the blame for the way we choose to set an example for others, or refuse to acknowledge wrong when we see it. Are we lying when we call ourselves a Christian? Can we still claim to be a Christian nation?

God never told us that life on earth would be without trouble, pain, confusion and sadness at times. He never told us that it would be easy to live a Christian life, either. But he did tell us that the Devil is strong and will distort the truth, make false promises and deceive many. But holy scriptures assure us that the Devil will not prevail and that Christians will win in the end.

In spite of the evils in our nation and this world, sooner or later good will be triumphant. And that victory is the heart of the sacrifice made by Jesus through his death, burial and resurrection—the reason we celebrate Easter.