December 02, 2016

President Barack Obama, doing a good deed for the Thanksgiving celebration, pardoned a turkey again this year, saving the bird from ending up on the dinner table, much to the delight of children everywhere.

I, on the other hand, pardoned a deer, but not with a good deed in mind.

I missed the annual…


November 27, 2016

Regardless of the ultimate outcome of the governor’s race, North Carolina will continue its role as one of the nation’s leading practitioners of conservative reform and innovation.

I’m not suggesting that the identity of the governor is irrelevant. Far from it. Over the past four…


October 02, 2016

ASHEBORO – As the candidates for North Carolina attorney general, Republican Buck Newton and Democrat Josh Stein, met Sept. 20 at Asheboro’s Sunset Theatre for their only formal debate, they couldn’t have known that just 90 minutes to their south and west, riots were about to…


October 01, 2016

A new lawsuit alleges a congressional redistricting plan drawn by Republicans in Raleigh is “one of the worst partisan gerrymanders in modern American history.”

It is not just a wild assertion made for effect. The plaintiffs said they can back it up.

The lawsuit, filed by the Southern…


September 29, 2016

Go ahead and laugh at Donald Trump’s claims that he was foiled by a finicky microphone on Monday night, but I can relate. When I write a bad column, it’s all my keyboard’s fault.

The other columnists have reliable keyboards. I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy, but they…


September 28, 2016

North Carolina voters won’t decide any statewide ballot referendums or initiatives in November.

In most other states, residents will vote on issues such as legalizing recreational or medical marijuana, raising the minimum wage, increasing cigarette taxes and prohibiting large-capacity…


September 11, 2016

The final numbers are in on North Carolina’s budget surplus. They are informative. They ought to provoke significant discussion. Instead, they have gotten virtually no media coverage or public comment.

According to a new report from the office of State Controller Linda Combs, state government…


September 09, 2016

Is there an epidemic in America today of children being forgotten and left abandoned in automobiles, school buses and other places, only to be missed and found dead or near death from high temperatures and other calamities?

I’m asking, because it seems that in only a short span of time, news…


September 04, 2016

Election season may not be the best time to go looking for sober reflection or respectful dialogue.

For example, consider what happened recently when professors at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill got wind of a new project on campus, created and funded by state legislators, to provide…


September 01, 2016

When I ask veteran college teachers and administrators to describe how college students have changed over the years, I often get an answer like this: “Today’s students are more accomplished than past generations, but they are also more emotionally fragile.”

That rings true to me.…

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