August 18, 2017

Situated on a busy thoroughfare and oh so romantically named, the 1st Interstate Motel in Casper, Wyoming, could stand improvement. Eight of its nine reviewers on Trip Advisor gave it the lowest rating possible, and they weren’t shy about their reasons. “Absolutely filthy.”…


August 17, 2017

As a candidate and as president, Donald Trump has hardly been a shrinking wallflower, and he is always eager to engage in bombastic kindergarten feuds at the drop of a tweet.

Trump has disparaged prisoners of war, the disabled, Gold Star families, Mexicans, Muslims and even the Pope. He recently…


August 16, 2017

Rural Americans feel “trapped” in their communities, stuck in unfavorable financial situations but unable, for both practical and lifestyle reasons, to move to more economically vibrant areas — so says a fascinating article in the Aug. 3 edition of The Wall Street Journal. While…


August 15, 2017

I was talking the other day to a wise executive friend and he recalled for me something his favorite boss liked to say: When people rise to the top of an organization and get power, they usually do one of two things: “They either swell or they grow.”

Donald Trump has swollen.



August 14, 2017

It’s been a busy time for border wall aficionados. Seems like every day there’s a new dramatic development:

The House passed a bill that would pony up nearly $1.6 billion for the first stretch of Donald Trump’s pet project.

Then there was the release of the transcript of…


August 13, 2017

During the recently completed legislative session, the Republican-led North Carolina General Assembly overrode a veto by Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper to enact a new budget for state government. Here are five facts you need to know about the spending plan and its potential effects on you, your family,…


August 12, 2017

The legislature’s one-day session on Aug. 3 was initially supposed to be about overriding Gov. Roy Cooper’s vetoes, but that’s not what happened during the 10-hour meeting. 

Cooper had issued a proclamation calling for the session after he vetoed four bills from the regular…


August 11, 2017

I thought when I retired from my previous employment in June, that I would just relax at home, sip coffee and watch time go by without having to do anything but write about it.

If the grass needed mowing and I could not do it, someone else in the family would get it done for me, plus several other…


August 10, 2017

The last time Gallup asked Americans if they thought immigration to the United States should increase or decrease, 35 percent chose a decrease, 24 percent an increase, and 38 percent preferred the present rate. Support for increasing immigration has been rising for a decade, but it remains…


August 09, 2017

The wrangling between federal judges and GOP legislators brings to mind an episode from early childhood.

I was probably six, and I’d misbehaved, so my punishment was an early dinner, early bath and early bedtime.

I claimed innocence, then protested the minor nature of the infraction and then…

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