Partners open new local laundromat

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Hetty Smith folds a towel Wednesday after finishing a load of laundry at Benvenue Express Laundromat.


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Monday, September 18, 2017

A 24-hour laundromat opened a few months ago in Rocky Mount.

Benvenue Express Laundromat is located at  1550 Benvenue Road across from Walmart and next to Walgreens. The laundromat is a partnership between brothers Faiz and Muhammad Chaudhry, along with their brother-in-law Muhammad Omer. 

It took the place of the former longtime consignment and thrift store called Classy Attic. In addition to the laundromat, the family owns the Grab N Go Mart #2 convenience store next to the laundromat, Exxon gas station on Wesleyan Boulevard and the Goldrock Marathon gas station in the Battleboro community.

They also own a couple of buildings being leased by local businesses next to the laundromat on Benvenue Road.

Faiz Chaudhry said the laundromat was something that he and his brothers started looking into a couple years ago. He added after doing extensive research and getting feedback from customers, starting a laundromat was the correct business venture to go into.

“Getting your clothes washed and dried is one of those chores that nobody wants to do it, but you’ve got to do it,” Chaudhry said. “It doesn’t matter how the economy is doing, more than likely, you got to get your clothes cleaned in some way. The laundromat is like a recession-proof business. The response from the community since we’ve opened has been great.”

Before opening the laundromat, Chaudhry said, they pretty much gutted out the whole inside of the building and spent almost $500,000 on plumbing, electrical work and new equipment. Benvenue Express Laundromat has LED lighting both on the inside and outside of the building, automatic doors, free WIFI, LED TV, 16 security cameras throughout the building, several windows and 22 washers and dryers. 

“The thing that separate us from our competitors is that their machines run at 100g, while ours runs at 200g,” Chaudhry said. “Literally, your clothes or items come out close to dry when you take them out of the washer. The reason why we spent extra money on the machines was because instead of spending an hour and a half at a laundromat, you’re spending about 40 minutes in here and should be done.”

Chaudhry said Benvenue Express Laundromat has people coming from as far as Enfield and Whitaker to use the laundromat, which in the past they had to travel further into Rocky Mount. He added another option for customers is having two 90-pound dryers in the laundromat, which fit up to nine loads and also are used for bigger items like comforters.

“You will be amazed by the amount of people that have a washer and dryer at home, but they don’t have these big machines,” Chaudhry said. “People have this concept that only people that use the laundromat are low income, but I don’t think that is true anymore.”