Sellers returns to Carney & Co.


Bill Sellers


From Contributed Reports

Monday, January 21, 2019

Carney & Co., The Marketing Innovation Agency, has welcomed Bill Sellers back to its Rocky Mount team.

“We are very fortunate to have Bill back,” said Skip Carney, president and CSO of Carney & Co. “Bill’s experiences have shaped and matured him for the new challenges in marketing and technology. His return enables us to hit the ground running this new year and continue providing innovative solutions to our clients.”

Sellers is returning after 12 years to spearhead Carney & Co.’s digital marketing efforts.

“After being away for a number of years at agencies across North Carolina, the way Carney & Co. markets has changed drastically,” Sellers said. “If I had to pick one reason for returning to the agency, I would say it is their commitment to continually learn and grow in order to provide the most innovative solutions to their clients. Being a consummate learner, that means a lot to me.

“I look forward to being a helpful addition to an already amazing team and a trusted partner for our clients, especially with the expansion into the Triad area.”

Carney & Co. was founded by Skip Carney in 1980. It helps clients with marketing, advertising and public relations programs using its ReVision process. ReVision identifies innovation opportunities and creates strategic solutions to marketing and operational problems.

Carney & Co. uses this tool to fulfill its mission: “To help clients grow with smart strategies, bold ideas and flawless creative execution”.

For more information, contact Jessica McKnight at 252-451.0060 or jessica@carneyco.com.