Israeli ultra-Orthodox site cuts Kim Kardashian from photo

JERUSALEM — An Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jewish news website has cut Kim Kardashian — one of the world’s most photographed women — from a photo taken of her in Jerusalem this week.

  • Bosnians hope to break world record for biggest chicken stew

    SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Bosnian chefs hope to break a Guinness World Record for the biggest chicken stew in the world by cooking up the meal for 14,000 people.

  • Baggage worker trapped in jetliner called 911 for help

    SEATTLE — A baggage handler who fell asleep inside the cargo hold of an Alaska Airlines jetliner called 911 after takeoff to say he couldn’t get out and needed someone to stop the plane, according to a 911 call released Thursday.“I’m inside a plane, and I feel like it’s moving in the air.

  • Canadian diplomat’s teenage son charged with murder as adult

    MIAMI — The teenage son of a Canadian diplomat was charged Wednesday with murder and attempted murder as an adult for his role in what investigators called a bloody drug-related shooting that killed his older brother and another teenager.

  • Elusive mountain lion captivates LA then quickly vanishes

    LOS ANGELES — A celebrity mountain lion transformed a wealthy hillside neighborhood into a paparazzi-like scene of scrambling photographers before eluding everyone Tuesday and quietly slipping away.

  • Milwaukee motorist, teen shot, killed after van hits child

    MILWAUKEE — A man whose van struck and killed a 2-year-old boy on a Milwaukee street was shot to death after getting out to check on the child, police said.

PianOlympics tests young musicians’ skills

Area piano students competed for honors during the 30th annual PianOlympics held March 21 at Church of the Good Shepherd.PianOlympics drew about 100 young musicians who competed in six skill levels.

Police nab second suspect in home invasion shooting

A Rocky Mount man was arrested Wednesday in connection with a home invasion and shooting he was implicated in back in January.

Western NC llama farm grows from birthday gift 20 years ago

EDNEYVILLE — On a recent Tuesday morning, Vickie Balch, 69, walked out to her barn to find that her llama French Tart was giving birth to a little female cria.“Textbook birth - this is her third baby,” Balch said. “Normally, delivery is head first and legs and so I came down here, and there’s her little head and little legs stick out.”Halch said the little llama wasn’t in any distress.“About 30 minutes later, she got down on her knees and pushed a little bit, and she just slithered out and fell down,” Balch said of the baby.

N.C. Wesleyan men's, women's tennis teams reach USA South championship matches

Andres Amores was wishing he would be stretched thin

Higher gas prices spark small rise in inflation

WASHINGTON — Higher-priced gasoline slightly boosted consumer prices in March, a sign that some of the effects of cheaper oil are fading and that inflation may be edging up to healthier levels.

  • Home construction off to weak start in March

    WASHINGTON — U.S. homebuilders opened the spring buying season in March at a slower pace than last year, a warning that recent hiring gains have failed to translate into a stronger real estate market.

  • CEO to cut his pay so every worker earns $70,000

    SEATTLE — A Seattle CEO who announced that he’s giving himself a drastic pay cut to help cover the cost of big raises for his employees didn’t just make those workers happy.

  • Workers press for pay hike, union rights

    WHITAKERS – Local manufacturing employees have joined the movement calling for livable wages and union rights for low-income workers.

  • Grocery stores to get new design, facelift

    Local Food Lion grocery stores are soon going to look different for shoppers.

  • Indiana tourism officials work to restore image

    INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana tourism agencies are rolling out campaigns emphasizing that everyone is welcome, but it might not be enough to quickly restore the state’s battered image after a backlash over its religious objections law.

Patterson’s literary efforts far surpass mere writing

It took a mental hospital to turn James Patterson – the staggeringly prolific author (and co-author) of detective stories, thrillers, romances and children’s books – into a serious reader.

Our Views

Telegram editorial writers weigh in on local, state and national issues.

  • No real need for religious freedom bill

    State lawmakers would be wise to heed a warning from IBM’s top executive last week about the proposed Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

  • Manning asks officials tough questions

    N.C. Superior Court Judge Howard Manning hauled state education officials into court last week to ask them what the N.C. Department of Public Instruction is doing to improve low-performing schools.

  • Collins leads charge for transparency

    The cost of government transparency is a growing concern in North Carolina and elsewhere – so much so, that exorbitant charges for records that should be easily accessible to the public have become obstacles in and of themselves.

  • Changes make event center more viable

    When the Rocky Mount City Council first broached the idea of a downtown event center more than two years ago, we shared some of the same skepticism offered by many of our readers.

  • Restaurants add to city’s quality of life

    New restaurants don’t employ thousands of people, but they bring something else to the community – a place for families to relax and enjoy a night out; a welcome oasis for weary travelers; and a sign of a healthy economy.